Linnseed: Revolutionizing India's Textile Industry with Sustainable Innovation

Indore. Introducing a Company that has covered immense growth in textile industries as well as given a new direction to Sustainable Textile Industry.

With its founding in 2021, Linnseed has swiftly emerged as a game-changer in India's Textile Industry.

The Company specialises in dealing with Cotton Bales, Cotton Yarn, Sustainable Cottons like Organic Cotton, BCI Cotton and much more, holding a market share with more than 500+ buyers and 1000+ sellers across the globe.

While being in domestic market, Linnseed has also made it’s footprints in export market and started exports in Bangladesh, China, Vietnam and European Countries.

Linnseed has its own mobile application which provides cotton news update, regular SPOT Prices, Videos and Stats about market, making sure to deliver critical industry updates to WhatsApp. 

The platform's remarkable success is evident in the 1500+ deals closed within the domestic industry along with Cotton Varieties from West Africa, Egypt, Australia, America and many more which has facilitated, totalling over 1200+ Crore in merchandise value. 

This innovative B2B web portal boasts a flexible ERP system designed to bring digitalization and organization to the forefront of the sector. Its standout feature is the direct connection it fosters between buyers and sellers, streamlining transactions and eliminating intermediaries. Linnseed's user-centric approach provides each registered user with a personalized account, facilitating transparency and trust by allowing them to track postings, monitor orders, access critical documents, and receive real-time payment updates.  

As it continues to grow and evolve, Linnseed is set to reshape the way business is conducted in India's textile and agro-industry, promising a brighter and more efficient future for all stakeholders.